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As an artist working primarily in sculpture, my practice examines myths and legends of popular culture stemming from religious texts, graphic novels, movies and rap. The work I make seeks to manipulate iconography while displacing narrative tropes; it peels away the aura of popular fantasies. As an example, life-size photographic portraits of Wonder Woman piloting her invisible plane in mid-air, or a kinetic sculpture of a non-magical carpet attempting to fly and an automatic drawing made with the sound vibrations of a live hip-hop performance captured in a plastic cup, referencing the lore of the genie in a bottle.
My most recent series is “Prop House”. These freestanding, hand-built clay sculptures are replicas of Hollywood rental objects that appear in countless films and TV productions. This process of careful replication is really one of demarginalization -- the props go from being expendable in the background, to precious on a pedestal. With a pressing focus on mundane objects such as lamps, heaters and cooking utensils, the work also becomes a conceptual reference to the tradition of the still life: the inanimate comes alive and the vulgar assumes central focus. All of my work deals with the humanizing of myth. The process of grounding illusions into images and
sculptural forms challenges the engrandized nature of our cultural narrative and questions our authorship in both our private and public histories.
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