APOGEE- With this video installation I continue my examination of language as central to the evolutionary trajectory of our species. Each video channel shows a character in Jean-Paul Sartre’s existentialist one act play “No Exit”. Speaking with individual morse code frequencies instead of voices, the characters are in synchronized dialogue with each other, enacting the entire play. Each channel is a single take, 90 min long shot, where the actors were asked to open and close their mouths at precisely timed intervals. Silently sitting without moving or emoting, the performances eventually begin to take a toll on the actors’ bodies, paralleling the type of torture that Sartre’s characters endure in his version of hell as described in “No Exit”. The four videos playback on flat screens installed portrait-like, each centered on a wall, facing off inside a black 11’ x 11’ room.

Gioy De Marco © 2013