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CHAINE OPERATOIRE - (French for “operational chain” or “operational sequence”) is a term  most commonly used in archeology and socio-cultural anthropology. It functions as a methodological tool for analyzing the technical processes and social acts involved in the step-by-step production, use, and eventual disposal of artifacts, such as pottery.
For the 20th anniversary show at Locust Projects, Miami, I presented this video of me fashioning a vessel on the potter’s wheel using honey instead of clay. A cryogenically frozen shard was shipped to the gallery and thawed over time. In the current version, entire pots made out of crystallized honey are presented on the wall, shifting and flowing at various rates.

Medium: HD video,  styrofoam, crystallized honey, wood.
DImensions variable
Film Credit:  Camera work by Wesley J. Johnson.
Meltings jpegs3.jpg
Meltings jpegs2.jpg
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