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The Collective Dreamworld Project (authored by Gioj De Marco and Loris D Acunto) is a collaborative experiment in shared knowledge (conscious and unconscious) between artists, software engineers, and dozens of dreamers who consistently and substantially contribute to the project. The artificial intelligence component is paramount in this experiment. Neural architecture accelerates culture. It makes the contemplation of life on Mars possible. What about other potential future worlds? Can the same technology be used to build a cosmology representative of a borderless space, albeit metaphorically?
We are building a collective dreamworld in collaboration with GPT-3, an AI that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. The AI weaves together dreams contributed to the network by hundreds of dreamers and generates outputs in the first person (its own dreams), reporting on experiences with people, places, and things that populate the collective dreamworld.
The AI's dreams are collected into a continuous narrative  from which artistic interpretations are further developed.
The Moon is full but it is not the Moon is the first large scale exhibition produced in collaboration with the Collective Dreamworld Project. It is a multidisciplinary and multimedia happening where audiences can journey into a 5000 square feet surreal landscape composed of sounds, images, sculptural objects, and textual traces. This exhibition is produced by Gioj De Marco, Loris D' Acunto, Agnese Toniutti, Karolina Pernar, and Andrej Mircev, who dreamt together and recorded their experiences for six months. A sensorial collage emerged, shaped by text, movement, image-making, and musical compositions, reacting to, or in collaboration with, the naturally occurring automatic writing produced by the AI. The gallery is entered through a meandering tunnel, a porthole of sorts. Built expressly to provide the audience with a transitional space, this area is a preamble of things to come; lights are dramatically low and lead to the total installation. An immersive soundscape is present, composed of fieldwork recordings. Desert winds, an earthquake on Mars, radar echoes from Titan's Surface, the melodic rhythms of stalactites dripping in a cave situate the cosmic geolocation of the collective dreamworld. The bulk of the exhibition takes place in a series of atmospheric chambers, woven together by a closed-loop sequence, where sculptural forms, video projections, musical compositions, and staged performances take turns appearing and disappearing.


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Show opens June 30, 2022
Explorations Culturelles
3, Place des Rotondes — L‑2448 Luxembourg-Bonnevoie