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"Out There It's Not Just Fans, You Can Feel Real Wind" 
This installation's title comes from a line in Terayama Shuji's play "Marie in Furs." A lot could be said about this avant-garde play. A fair reduction would suggest that at its core lies a discussion of the dramatic relationship between fiction and the real, the natural and the artificial.
I set off to record my place in nature by walking as many miles as possible before exhaustion, at which point I fall into the landscape, holding the camera at arm's length. The frame is shaky; it moves to the rhythm of my breathing. I do not attempt to stabilize the shot. It is a portrait of the landscape from the point of view of my pulse. Making "breath-taking landscapes" videos has become intrinsic to my practice. An hour-long compilation of landscapes is projected on the back wall of my studio, synchronized to the "Trying Carpet." This sculpture consists of a silk carpet resting on 12 box fans. The carpet is in flight during windy segments and rests in quiet environments. An immersive soundscape emerges, blending fan motors' live sounds with the recorded ones of actual wind.

Medium: Silk carpet, box fans, electronic switch, single channel projection of "Breath Taking Landscapes",

surround sound


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